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Create and manage  your digital asset portfolio with secure and easy to use blockchain tools. Our solutions are an ideal fit for Asset Managers, Family Offices, Small Businesses, and Individual Investors

 (going live 2nd quarter 2019)

DANZ™: Digital Asset of New Zealand

Gold backed and Blockchain powered

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Token Management, Fees Management and Transactions Audit

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Extend your business model, or create a new one, with DANZ™

DANZ™: Digital Asset of New Zealand

DANZ™ is a customizable tool for asset backed tokens. Each DANZ™ Token is customizable  to your businesses’ needs. DANZ™ are primarily used as a tool for the following:

1. Manage a  diversified portfolios of the top 100 largest Crypto Currencies.

(A tool for asset managers)

2.Create  access to your own private ICO/SCO.

(A tool for small businesses)

3. Trade physical commodities such as gold, silver, and land.

(A tool for hard asset investors)

Why Digitize an Asset?

Digitizing an asset to run on a Distributed Ledger or Blockchain adds new value to your asset. It is the marriage of a trustless system to a tangible asset or service.

Why Micro Payments

Being able to build networks that offer rewards in fractions of a cent may seem insignificant, but over time, the frequency and scale of these transactions add up to larger more significant sums. Having a tool to enable this function can be a useful addition to any business seeking to monetize their hard earned audience of followers, subscribers, and affiliates.


DANZ™ utilizes blockchain technology in order to enable a digital representation of an asset through a smart contract. It’s legal and compliance structure is domiciled in New Zealand and maintains full  AML/CFT Compliance. Even though the Blockchain can be trustless, we are still beholden to the jurisdictions from which we operate from.


Trading with DANZ™
Demo Platform

Have a look at our DANZ™ Demo Platform.  It is  up and running with blockchain in the background. This means all transactions are immutably stored on a distributed ledger. Go on, register, play with it, and audit the results. Within a Demo, no real cash or assets are involved.

Token Management
with DANZ™ Admin Panel

Our DANZ™ Demo platform comes with DANZ™ Admin Panel, designed for token management (issuing & burning DANZ™ tokens). It also has a module for business model setup, where the admin can set up fees for specific transactions.

Go on, use your DANZ™ Demo account and preview DANZ™ Admin Panel. You will have read-only access, so you’ll only be able to view those features.

Further Utilization

Once you have DANZ™ token as a value keeper, it is possible to get more circulation, introduce secondary markets, or find a new way of getting added value. That’s why we are intensively working on possible DANZ™ utilization models. From serving as a credit line for P2P lending to value keeper in crypto exchanges to microtransactions.

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